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Hypnotherapy to leave behind the Vicious Circle of Fear

How to overcome Anxiety & Panic?

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Therapy for Anxiety, Panic and Phobias

Anxiety, Fear or Panic can have a significant impact on how a person behaves and goes about their daily life. Trying to control your anxiety can lead you to feeling more intensely anxious for longer and can lead to and anxiety disorder. Anxious people might try to avoid feeling anxious and to escape from the distressing experience. In doing so they can become anxious about being anxious, thus entering a vicious cycle of fear. This anxious cycle is illustrated in the diagram below, 

Hypnotherapy to reverse the vicious cycle of fear

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Through hypnosis and CBT you can learn to accept, tolerate, manage and eventually overcome your anxiety. You can reverse the cycle of fear by gently and slowly confronting your fears without being exposed to any fearful situations. This is a proven and effective method that will teach you new ways of managing your fear and eventually leaving it behind all together.The process is known as exposure or desensitisation and is illustrated int he diagram below.

Everyone experiences Fear at some stage of their life. Fear is a mechanism that keeps us safe. Undoubtedly, anxiety is an unpleasant, sometimes extremely disturbing experience and if left unchallenged, it  can develop into phobias and panic disorders.