Our confidence and self esteem is not a given, it can change from day to day. It’s a part of our mindset. When a person doesn’t believe in themselves or believes they’ve lost their self-confidence, then their self-esteem is affected too. It can become difficult to manage everyday life and  it can become a negative pattern. Hypnosis and therapy can really help to bring about change.

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People with low confidence or self esteem have become conditioned to thinking of themselves in  a critical way.  Tuning into their critical internal voice and to tune into unhelpful thinking styles often learned over many years.  
The first step is to challenge these thoughts. This does not mean thinking positively all the time, it means looking and finding an alternative view, looking at the issues with an alternative perspective. Hypnosis and therapy, can help you to recognise some typical unhelpful thinking patterns.

Hypnotherapy for Self-estheem

​Both self confidence and self esteem relate to our perception of ourself and are  often interlinked. People with low self confidence will also often have low self esteem and vice versa.

​We are guided by the beliefs and values that we adopt over time abased on our experiences, messages from others and society. It is our beliefs and values that generate “shoulds” and "if onlys", these thoughts are self-imposed benchmarked that we each try to live up to. Some of these are realistic and reasonable, and others are not.

Low confidence and Self-Esteem influences the view of ourselves with regard to our performance in life, our perceptions and of how other people view us. Low self-esteem can be most easily recognised by the negative self talk resulting in negative statements and believes about yourself. 

 Let me help you to unlock your potential by developing a strong sense of self.

 Let me help you to see how unhelpful thinking creates a vicious cycle of negativity.

Let me help you to change the way you think feel and act. 

 Let me help you to be the person you were destined to be.

Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Unhelpful Thinking Styles that affect your confidence

  • All-or-Nothing Thinking - Thinking in absolutes such as “always”, “never”, or “every”. “I never do a good job ”.
  • Overgeneralizing - "Everybody hates me", "Everyone is looking at me"
  • Filtering Out the Positive - "Focusing only on the one negative comment, event though you recived generally good feedback.
  • Mind-Reading - "They think I am stupid", "They don't think I am interesting", All my friends think that I..."
  • Catastrophizing - Seeing only the worst possible outcomes of a situation. "I did the worst job ever", "Something awful will happen if"
  • ​​Emotional Reasoning - the only evidence that something bad is going to happen is that you feel like something bad is going to happen. (No evidence at all)
  • Labeling - "I am ugly" I am not good enough" 
  • Fortune-telling - "I know this is going to be bad", - "She/He is going to hate it", "No one will be interested in what I say"

How to increase Confidence & Low Self Esteem?

Hypnosis to build Confidence and Self-Esteem

Hypnotherapy for confidence and self-esteem

"When you change the way you look at things, the thing you look at changes."

Wayne Dyer