Hypnotherapy to overcome Depression

Depression can affect any person at any stage of life. Whether you are an introvert or an extravert, male or female, depression can develop in certain situations.  Once depression develops, the symptoms can drastically change a person’s life, their daily routines and their behaviour. Often these changes worsen and ultimately prolong the depression.  Loss of confidence, motivation and self believe, are just some of the symptoms that prevent the depressed person from getting better. A combination of CBT and hypnosis therapy can be very effective in traeting this condition.

Hypnotherapy to break the vicious cycle of depression

Let me help you to develop a different relationship with your feelings
Let me help you to regulate and tolerate your emotions better
Let me help you to challenge unhelpful negative thoughts
Let me help you to be more focused on the here-and-now
Let me help you to restore your confidence and self-belief

Medication does not address the the negative perceptions and thinking that contribute to depressed feelings. To break the vicious cycle of depression is to learn what unhelpful thinking patterns lead to the depressed thoughts and subsequent feelings. ​Unfortunately, certain things that you do, in an attempt to alleviate your feelings of depression, may actually be making your symptoms worse. When people are depressed, they often make the mistake of doing what their mood dictates, withdrawing from day to day activities, being less socially and physically active. Unfortunately this behaviour only serves to strengthen the depressed feelings.

Hypnosis Therapy to overcome Depression

Some people can end up in a vicious cycle of depression. As illustrated, low energy levels, lack of motivation and low mood, results in not wanting to interact socially with friend or family.  Often a depressed person cuts back on their activities, neglecting their daily tasks, responsibilities and they will often leave the decision making to others.  Having entered into this vicious cycle, the depressed person experiences greater isolation and loss in self confidence.  This leads to increased guilt, hopelessness and a feeling of ineffectiveness. 

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​When walking through the 'valley of shadows', its worth remembering that a shadow is cast by a light.

How to overcome depression?