Many people have a mild degree of obsessional behaviour.  Frequent

checking if the door is locked, where the keys are or that the gas it turned off.

This level of problem is usually regarded as normal. However, when the issues become so severe, that  they prevent them from living life to the full, then it would be defined as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  Where the issues are related to people's health or body, we would define it as Health Anxiety, or Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).  

Overcome OCD and BDD

We may evaluate ourselves in a positive, negative, or even in a neutral way.  Persons with a body or a health related obsession will have intrusive, unhelpful or even harmful worry and anxieties with one or more aspects of their appearance or health.  These thoughts can become so overpowering that it causes feelings and behaviour that impact negatively on their lives.  Perhaps preventing them from living a life to the full or in severe cases, even dictating everything they do.

Once a person develops such an obsession, it can be difficult to break the cycle.  The more the intrusive thoughts take over, more anxiety is generated and the need to regain control increases. Subsequently leading the person to repeat the avoidance or repeat behaviour.

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Hypnotherapy to overcome OCD and BDD
Hypnotherapy to break the OCD cycle

✔ Let me help you over time to explore and change the beliefs and values that  support and strengthen a person’s perceptions about their compulsive behaviour or thoughts.

Let me help you to learn to modify the beliefs involved in and leading to the misinterpretation of intrusive thoughts.

 Let me help you to modify the associated behaviours involved in the maintenance of these beliefs.

Currently the cause of OCD AND BDD is unknown. Many theories exist but much more research is required before there will be an answer to this question, but the rituals or compulsive thoughts which are meant to prevent or reduce anxiety related to your obsessions or prevent something bad from happening bring no pleasure and may offer only a temporary relief from anxiety. The more you try to rid yourself of doubts, the more they tend to play on your mind.

Therapy to overcome

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder​​

How to overcome OCD?