The Stop Smoking Programme

Hypnosis to stop smoking

 Let me help you to stop smoking, embark on the most important journey for         your health and wellbeing.

✔ Through hypnosis, let me help you challenge your belief systems and your           unconscious mind to accept you that can easily quit the smoking habit.

✔ ​Let me help you to learn the truth about your addictive behaviour and reduce        the effects of smoking for good.

​✔ Let me help you to regain your health and freedom from smoking through smoking.

Stop Smoking Therapy

What have you got to lose? You are not making a sacrifice, because smoking does absolutely nothing for you at all - other than destroy your health, empty your pocket, make you smell and considerably shorten your life.. Whatever your motivation, if you desire to be free from the effects of smoking, you have everything to gain.

You arrived on this page because you considering hypnosis to stop smoking habit.  Part of you has already decided to quit, however for far too long you bought into the lies that smoking helps to relax, that it is enjoyable, makes you more confident or that you are addicted.

My Stop Smoking hypnosis therapy programme, will change the way your brain automatically feels when you think of a cigarette and allow you to have no cravings as you easily and effortlessly, make change in your behaviour.

You are not addicted. In fact smoking is not addictive, the moment you truly decide and believe that you want to quit, YOU CAN.  

Just think, how many people have you heard of that quit smoking instantly? They go to the doctor find out they are sick and stop immediately. They learn they are pregnant and stop, IMMEDIATELY. Where is the addiction here?

Hypnotherapy to help you stop smoking
Quit Smoking you have everything to gain

​​Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Quit Smoking today

The best time to quit is now. For every year you keep smoking your life expectancy is shortened by 3 months on average. Smokers live 10-12 years less than non-smokers and the earlier you quit the sooner the healing can begin.

​The effects of smoking will reduce and your health will improve immediately, you will live longer and  you will also save a lot of money.

Soon after you quit, you will breathe better, have more energy, feel more relaxed and your skin will improve. You will no longer smell like an ashtray and you will notice how your food will taste much better than before.
Three years after quitting your risk of having a heart attack is reduced by about 50%. The risk of lung cancer is reduced by half after 10 years.
The sooner you use hypnosis to stop the better. If you quit at 60 years you gain 3 years of life. If you quit at 40 years, you gain 9 years.

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