Hypnotherapy to break the cycle of YoYo Dieting

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​Mind-set is everything when it comes to lasting weight management.  You can learn to overcome your self-limiting beliefs and learn how to lose weight. Break the vicious circle and learn the best way to lose weight, leave behind the old notions that keep you stuck. 

Don’t start by changing what you eat; start by changing how you think. This is the critical first step in my no more diet programme.

 Let me help you to understand your relationship to food.

 Let me help me to develop greater self-esteem

Let me help you to overcome your difficulties which keep you stuck in the diet cycle.

 Let me support you to learn how to lose and maintain your weight

How to discover the best way to lose weight.

I can help you to experience a shift of perception.  By learning to see and understand the world around you in relation to weight loss and weight management, a shift that will enable you to embrace the principles of mindful eating instead of mindless eating.  It also means to let go of the notion of dieting but instead to embrace the concept of choices and to become more attuned with our body, internal cues and to develop a healthy relationship with food.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Los

How many times have you been down the road of YoYo dieting? Of course you can lose weight through dieting, but usually the weight creeps back after a while.  This is because slowly you revert back to the same old eating habits. 

How to lose weight, is to lose the diet.

Most of us have learned behaviours, emotional reactions, beliefs, and attitudes that are rooted deep in our unconscious mind.  From the day we are born, we develop a relationship to food based on external experiences and teachings.  These learnings, determine our live choices and decisions on a daily basis. When your life experiences and associated subsequent learning does not support a healthy life style or and food choices, you can find yourself in a constant battle between your desire to be slim and the emotional self sabotaging eating habits.

How to lose weight. Ditch the Yo-Yo diet for good?

We all have a set of memorised behaviours, emotional reactions, beliefs, and attitudes that run behind the scenes. This subconscious program determines how we live and make decisions on a moment-to-moment basis. And when you have limiting beliefs that don’t support your health goals, you end up constantly sabotaging yourself. This destructive cycle can leave you feeling out of control and helpless.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss